You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (R)


Woody Allen’s study of infidelity is a roulette-wheel of vaguely unlikable Londoners. Roy (Josh Brolin) flirts with Dia (Frieda Pinto), while his wife, Sally (Naomi Watts), works for a charming Antonio Banderas. Sally’s mom (Gemma Jones) has split with her husband (Anthony Hopkins), who loves a prostitute. Plot treads dangle like spaghetti, and these characters merit little empathy.

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Buried (R)

Movie Review

Buried (R)

This is easily the worst film of 2010. The only thing that keeps you awake while you’re watching Ryan Reynolds unconvincingly “act” like he’s trapped in a buried coffin are the insipid cell phone plot points. Reynolds plays an American truck driver in Iraq, whose enemies have buried him alive. He has phone conversations with the FBI, his employers, a ransom-demanding Iraqi and family members