Kamila Z. Eljwaidi

Wife and mother, age 32

What she’s wearing now: Dolce &  Gabbana special edition yoga outfit, Y-3 yoga sneakers, Power-Balance bracelet, Nialaya bracelets, Louis Vuitton yoga bag.

Style icons: Anyone with class and .confidence—a lot of people have one or the other, but very few have both.  A fitness devotee, Kamila practices yoga at home with her guru, Angie Wright.  She also does Power Plate (an exercise she learned about in Europe a couple of years ago) at a studio in Summerlin. She credits both with teaching her balance.  “People have a tendency to overdo it and are never happy,” she says. “If it’s working  out, sleeping or being in business, looking stylish prepares you to face the world with a positive attitude.”