Stapp-ing Out

Florida grunge-rock icon Scott Stapp brings acoustic spirituality

“By stripping down my show, I can reveal a rawer side of me as an artist and performer. I think it’s maybe even a truer representation of who I am,” says Scott Stapp in a phone call from New York. He soon will be playing stripped-down acoustic sets of both Creed hits and his own solo material at Red Rock hotel-casino. Stapp’s work is even more emotionally grandiose than what he does with Creed, but at least he’s worked up about something “I always talk about love, because that’s what’s always in my heart,” he says. When, in his song “The Great Divide,” from his 2005 album of the same name, he sings, “I have run to the ocean/Through the horizon/Chased the sun/I’ve waited for the light to come,” no one should doubt him, given his earlier battle with the bottle. He’s transcended that battle to offer a solid musical purpose: “Music nowadays is produced for mass consumption and void of good messages,” he says. “I can safely say that Creed always has a message. We pride ourselves on delivering what’s in our hearts and minds.”

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By Jarret Keene