A Bombshell Workout

Lisa Balash, personal trainer and owner of Elite Physiques Las Vegas, has been getting locals in shape with her kettlebell and Pilates workouts. Now she’s reaching out to the masses with a new DVD.

Endorsed by her most famous client, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, it’s called Kettlebell Bombshell, and you can buy it for $50 at KettlebellBombshell.com. It includes three 30-minute workouts. But the kettlebells, those weights with the U-shaped handles, are sold separately.

The beauty of kettlebells, Balash explains, is that your body responds more effectively to their design than it does when hopping through different machines at the gym. That has to do with terms such as “stabilization” and “planes of motion.” But the simplest thing to understand is that, with kettlebells, you nail two birds with one stone because every muscle is exerted while you’re doing cardio.

“We can’t all fit a personal trainer or gym time in our schedules,” Balash says. “So in my DVD I give instructions on how to use a kettlebell and include three follow-along workouts. The key is a perfect combination of kettlebell and Pilates—all in the comfort of your home.”