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Zane Lamprey sings the songs that make the whole world drink

Zane Lamprey, host of HDNet’s Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, will bring his Zane Lamprey Sings the Booze Tour to Vegas on Oct. 22. But before he takes the stage, Lamprey took a call from Vegas Seven.

Zane, you just performed your educational comedy, Drinking Made Easy, at House of Blues Las Vegas in July. How would you say you made drinking even easier for us?

My whole stand-up was about merging comedy and education so that people left there and went, “Wow!
I just learned something and had a good time, at that.”

This new show is a nine-song concert. What might we learn this time around?

Oh, I hope you learn nothing! I hope that people walked away from the Drinking Made Easy tour having learned something. And I hope you walk from Sings the Booze with one of my songs that you can’t seem to get out of your head.

For example?

[Singing] Everybody’s got a buddy like my buddy Steve/Best friend that there could ever be/But when he’s drinkin’ and drinkin’, he takes a break from thinkin’/Now he’s your responsibility/He goes from Jekyll to Hyde, Bonnie to Clyde/Everybody’s got a buddy like Steve.

Are you a singer, comedian or foodie?

I’m a self-made alcohol pseudo-expert. My training was actually in acting. … I eventually landed on a show called Three Sheets, which, as with everything
I do, I put my heart and soul into it and tried to make it relatable and have me be able to relate to it … Thankfully what I was relating to was going out and traveling around and drinking. I’ve come to find out that I’m pretty damned good at that!

Throughout your travels, what has been the rarest spirit-related experience?

I had Louis XIII [cognac] in Cognac, France, with the guy who actually invented it. That was sort of a big experience.

And what was the wackiest thing you drank?

In Season 1 of Drinking Made Easy, in Milwaukee, we went into this place called Bad Genie. This guy had a drink called the Scorpion Shot: a shot of over-proof rum with a dead scorpion in it. I said, “What’s the most anyone’s ever done in a night,” and he said nine. And
I was like, “All right, can I beat that?” And he was like, “I hope you do!” And so at the end of the night I’d had 23 Dead Scorpion shots. And lived to talk about it.

A bit of food and beverage going on there.

You think lettuce is roughage?! You have no idea!

And that’s probably for the best. So, if you had to choose: food or beverage?

Shit, I’d probably last longer if I did a show about food, right? But I’m the drinkin’ guy, so I’ll stick with what works.

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