Frank Pellegrino Jr.

Restaurateur (Rao’s Restaurant Group), age 40

Style icons: Ralph Lauren, Versace, Prince Charles, YSL, Valentino, Armani.

What he’s wearing now: Armani suit and shirt, belt from Saks Fifth Avenue, Bass WeeJuns shoes.

Frank Pellegrino Jr. loves his Armani and cites a very special shopping trip at the designer’s New York City store as one of his most notable fashion achievements. “I was invited by the Armani executive team to their flagship store to assemble my wardrobe for the opening of my first restaurant in NYC, Baldoria,” he says. “I was treated like a prince.” But off the clock, he leaves the bustle of his successful restaurant business far behind. “I like to barbecue with friends and family and for that I wear my surf shorts and flip-flops.”