Freakling Good Times

If it’s fall, it must be time for the return of the Freakling Brothers and their particular brand of haunted-house thrills.

For almost two decades, the Freakling Brothers—a father and son duo of J.T. and Duke Mollner—have set up haunted attractions all over the Valley. This year, in deference to the economy, they’re combining their haunts—Castle Vampyre, The Mortuary and The Circus of Horrors—into one mega-attraction called the Trilogy of Terror.

“The economy is not what it used to be and since our fans normally have three different locations to choose from, we figured people may not want to spend the gas money to go from one attraction to another,” Mollner says.

The Trilogy is in the parking lot of AMC Theaters Rainbow Promenade 10, 2321 N. Rainbow Blvd. “Having all three of our attractions in one location really creates a great carnival-like experience especially since we’ve added various food vendors this year.”

Duke Mollner says that his family business only gets better with age. “This is our 18th year in Las Vegas, and we always have a great time seeing people come to the attractions and enjoy themselves.” Since their first commercial attraction opened in 1992 on the corner of Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, the Freakling Brothers have tried to introduce new technology and concepts to the haunted house biz. Visit, or call 362-3327 for information.