Joël Robuchon

Entering this foodie sanctuary—a black and purple room framed by a Swarovski crystal chandelier and an ivy garden—is like stepping into the world of James Cameron. Which makes it the perfect setting for Joël Robuchon to make his oft-cited words come true: “The discovery of a new dish does more for the human condition than the discovery of a new star.”

Robuchon, who is probably the most famous chef in the world, has invented a galaxy of dishes, including a crispy soft-boiled egg garnished with smoked salmon and Oscetra caviar, lobster roasted with green curry in a ginger-scented broth, and his famous potatoes—more famous than the ones from Idaho. And while making the rounds at his restaurants around the globe, he checks in here a few times a year to create seasonal dishes.

In his absence, an amazing staff keeps things real. The bread cart may be the best on the planet, ministered to by Kamel Guechida. It’s a temptation loaded with bacon bread, milk bread and dozens more. The kitchen is overseen by award-winning chef Claude Le Tohic, who takes his time with every plate.

And desserts are exquisite, including the amazing candy cart and à la carte delights such as la sphere du sucre (literally, “sugar globe”), a white chocolate egg shell that is partially melted when the server pours on a warm raspberry sauce, revealing a pale green yuzu sorbet within.

Joël Robuchon is actually more than just the Best Restaurant on the Strip. It may well be the best one in the United States.

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