Monta Noodle House

Some may think this as an eccentric choice, but what puts it over the top is that it is the best example of its genre not just here but perhaps anywhere in this country. The specialty is ramen—flour noodles slurped from hot broth—and the portions are trencherman. The menu is simple: tonkotsu ramen in white broth, or miso ramen in a broth flavored with bean paste. You can choose toppings from a short list for an extra charge, such as a hard-boiled egg and sliced roast pork that melts on contact. Save room for the impeccable gyoza dumplings or mini pork belly bowl for $4. It may be the best deal in town.

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Diner’s Notebook took a big bite out of the Apple recently, with visits to a pair of New York restaurants slated to open in the Cosmopolitan this December. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill, on 58th Street in Manhattan, was started by two brothers, Bruce and Eric Bromberg. As another Jewish boy who loves Japanese food, I can see why their eclectic menu has been such a runaway success. Every table was full, and the buzz was electric.