Oh, You Fancy, Huh?

Now in its sixth year, Vegas Prom plays dress-up, poolside at Tao Beach

“Nails done, hair done, everything did …” See, gentlemen? Hip-hop artist Drake gets it! Prom dress, proper prom coif, makeup, Choos, purse and the ultimate prom accessory—a date. It’s all labor done in hopes of winning a place in the annual Vegas Prom court. For many, prom brings back memories, for some it brings back nightmares. But no matter what your relationship to the court, this prom is decidedly different; this time there is no curfew.

The sixth annual Vegas Prom (VegasProm.com) went off without a hitch on Oct. 5, a crisp early fall Tuesday evening under the stars at Tao Beach. A nightlife industry-centric prom presents unique challenges we never faced in high school; just getting through the door is a higher hurdle when everyone in line is “someone.” Inside, photographer Shane O’Neal captured the nostalgia as we mugged for him before a green screen, some shots more serious than others. At the bar, the punch was spiked with Stoli 80.

After five Prom Queen nominations, last year I narrowly beat Hef’s ex, Playboy Playmate Holly Madison, for the coveted title, a credential I have more than once considered listing on my résumé. This year it was my privilege to crown as queen last year’s princess, Haze cocktail server Shannon Kelly.

Faux though it may be, I at times wondered what I was doing at a prom at all, let alone crowned bouffant ’do, courtesy of Globe Salon. “Were this Bayside High,” I laughed, slow-dancing miles apart from a partner, “we would have graduated two years ago to Saved by the Bell: The New Class.”

But for the many newcomers already making huge waves in the Vegas nightlife/daylife scene, they were rightfully enchanted by the nostalgia, just as founders Kalika Moquin, Bo Karlen and Chad McGeehan (a.k.a. DJ Vegas Vibe) intended.

“But this could be so much bigger for Las Vegas!” observed one Prom court royal of the somewhat clique-y event’s potential. Not to worry—Moquin has already hinted that plans for Vegas Prom 7 are well in-hand, and that for all those dewy-fresh prom-court hopefuls, there is always next year.

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