The Social Network (PG-13)


Everybody will love David Fincher’s fast-paced drama about the meteoric rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg gives Zuckerberg an acid-tongued and fast-twitch cyberpunk attitude. And Justin Timberlake’s performance is awesome. Aaron Sorkin’s dazzling script toggles between law office depositions and flashback sequences that tell the whole story. Context and tone are everything in this pitch-perfect drama.

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Schoolhouse Rut

In Waiting for ‘Superman,’ documentarian Davis Guggenheim petitions the same level of cultural awareness about American education myths as his film An Inconvenient Truth delivered regarding global warming. The filmmakers methodically explore America’s public education crisis with data and graphs that show how the majority of U.S. high schools have become “drop-out factories.” With U.S. students’ math scores lagging behind 30 other countries, you know we’re in trouble.