Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@NiteNwite UNLV Lied Library, 4th floor, and I’m feelin Asian. Look out, books.

@FebruaryStar02 Got an e-mail for what I can only assume is a political rally, but the subject was “Megan and the President in Vegas.” Didn’t open that …

@nikii94 Why can ppl who have only met through a drunken haze get married in Vegas, but two gay ppl who’ve been together for years can’t in Vegas?!

@radiomaru Just because you ARE or AREN’T fashion conscious doesn’t make you better than most people. Give it a fucking rest, hipster/geek.

@Caz189xo @mattgoss Can’t wait to meet & smell you myself in Vegas in a few weeks! I think I’m the only person who hasn’t yet had a whiff! x.

@Loolee76 Told the bartender surprise me. I got a cosmo. Pllffft.

@CinCitiChic Not good! FBI says Las Vegas is #3 on list for terrorist attacks poss. Strip, Nellis AFB, and Hoover Dam most targeted!

@heehawbus At Green Valley Ranch. How have I not unlocked the “douchebag” badge on foursquare yet by coming here??

@DiVaDeONNA Yo, those sparkler candles for bday cakes, do they sell them in real life? Like, in Summerlin? Lol.

@meowinvegas I call Vegas the city of smells… some good, some bad. Every casino smells different, but every block has that ‘ass smell’ ha ha ha.

@JoeVargas You ever wonder what other people have your number saved in their phone as? Like “Jessica super hot weirdo” or “Jack Johnson the prick” Lol.

@_shehleee So many douchers at 215/Eastern LVAC. #fistpump.