When the Worlds of Fashion Collide

Guest columnist Ivan Shaw of Vogue adapts his New York sensibility to do Vegas in style

Ivan Shaw’s YSL leopard-print loafers.

Dear Las Vegas,

It had been a while since I last visited you. With temperatures still above 100 degrees, and being the New Yorker that I am, I went through the proverbial “I have nothing to wear” moment. It would have been easy if the trip were going to be nothing but lazy days by the pool but knowing that my fiancée and I would be riding along with shoe designer George Esquivel, and with an impending introduction to taste-makers Sean Dunn (the Vegas Seven men’s style columnist for whom I am guest writing) and Eamon Springall, I knew I couldn’t rely on a swimsuit and sunglasses to get me through.

Working my way through my closet, I went for what I consider to be the “basics” of my wardrobe, while keeping in mind my belief that the key to a great menswear wardrobe is an easy transition from day to night. For me, “basics” refer less to the standard foundation pieces such as blue jeans or a white shirt but instead rest in a “statement” piece. The idea being that you can build your whole look around one or two strong items.

For this trip, I wanted a bit of glamour, since Las Vegas is certainly a dazzling playground. I started with a Thom Browne yellow jacket with an embroidered pattern. Browne is renowned for making one-of-a-kind feeling pieces that are truly original, and the fit is made-to-measure, so it’s a jacket that “fits like a glove.” I also pulled out my go-to party shoes, a pair of YSL leopard-print loafers. These loafers are a longtime favorite of mine, and YSL’s Stefano Pilati has just come out with a blue leopard print that is spectacular.

I keep two pairs on hand. One lesson that I have learned repeatedly is that if you find a shoe you love, get two pairs—you will always appreciate having a second pair, when the first pair is worn thin and the designer has discontinued that style.

Both items proved perfect fits for the trip, and I had a spectacular time. The highlight of the trip was a tour of the soon-to-be-completed Cosmopolitan Hotel. The site is spectacular, and the hotel is sure to become a Las Vegas legend. I’m already starting to consider what to wear for the opening in December.

Thanks for the good times,

Ivan Shaw
Photography Director