Bar Math

While we’re on the subject of cheating…

“Every bartender, at some point in his or her career, will run out of product,” says Andrew Pollard, United States Bartenders’ Guild Nevada chapter vice president. “Sometimes, when you’re ‘in the weeds,’ you have no choice but to improvise!” We are by no means suggesting that professional bartenders send out 7-Up with a splash of Coke and call it “Ginger Ale” (true story!), but sometimes the house party is so good, you just don’t want to run to the store. With a little help from Pollard and some imagination, here’s how to fake it till the next guest arrives—hopefully with the missing ingredient!

Kalani Coconut Liqueur + white rum = Malibu Coconut Rum

Cointreau Triple Sec Liqueur + a pinch of cayenne pepper = Clément Créole Shrubb

Fresh coffee + simple syrup + white rum = Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur

Fresh citrus peels + vodka = citrus vodka

Monin peach syrup + whiskey = Southern Comfort Liqueur

Blanco Tequila + Añejo Tequila = “Reposado” Tequila—Nah, better not try that one!