Bloody Good Time

It seems the world wants Las Vegas destroyed; at least the world of video games. Call it a coincidence, but two games released this fall—Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Rising 2—are set in a Las Vegas plagued by disaster.

We’ve already discussed the post-apocalyptic Las Vegas of Fallout (see The Latest, Sept. 16), so let’s move on to Dead Rising 2, wherein zombies have replaced tourists—how can you tell the difference?—and cocktail waitresses want brains in lieu of tips. In the game, Las Vegas has been renamed Fortune City, and is the site of a reality TV show that pits human competitors against hordes of zombies to see who can kill the most undead. One competition, for instance, has contestants climbing into giant steel hamster balls to see who can squash the most walking dead before time runs out, which, we must say, does sound like fun. It’s good to know that even when the world is on the brink of destruction, Las Vegas will still be the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”