Conviction (R)


Tony Goldwyn’s deceptively rote telling of one woman’s 18-year effort to exonerate her brother Kenny (a stellar Sam Rockwell) for a 1980 murder he didn’t commit packs quite an emotional punch. Kenny’s sister (Hilary Swank) studies to become an attorney for the sole purpose of getting her brother released. While Conviction is far from a refined real-life drama, it does pay off on its emotional promise.

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Phantom of the Suburbs


Phantom of the Suburbs

By Cindi Reed

Tony Award-winner Anthony Crivello is one of the few Las Vegas stars you’d never recognize at the grocery store. In fact, his transformation from human to Phantom is so complete that during VIP tours, people comment that he wasn’t in the show. It’s not just the makeup, latex prosthetics, bald cap and wig that alter his appearance, but the character acting as well. After watching such a tortured soul onstage, meeting the vibrant and fun actor is almost shocking. The athletic Crivello has a surprising sense of humor and a wise-guy personality.