It’s Mini-ween!

What better way to start your Oktoberfest than half a pint? Beer! Of beer. Totally meant “of beer.”

The go-to choice of discriminating connoisseurs of diminutive Mike Meyers clones, Verne Troyer, popped up at the Fremont Street Experience on Oct. 15 to kick off both the Golden Nugget’s Oktoberfest beer bash and Binion’s Haunted Casino.

He shared time with another man who had his last movie hit in the mid-’90s, Mayor Oscar Goodman. They’ve both been known to take a drink in their time, but at least Mayor Goodman was never caught whizzing in the corner of a room in front of Adrianne Curry. At least that we know of.

Troyer was also spotted later that night at the Playboy Club inside the Palms playing blackjack with four friends and Oct. 16 at Nove Italiano.