A Little (More) Tiësto, Please

The three-time No. 1 DJ in the world lands in Vegas at The Joint

It’s always nice to get a gift from a friend. It’s even better on those rare occasions that you don’t have to run to the mall to return it, like the time your BFF slipped you the new Ann Coulter.

And sometimes—say, if you’re Angel Management Group CEO Neil Moffitt—you get the gift of Tiësto. The Dutch electronic music DJ and three-time No.1 DJ has played to crowds of up to 200,000, and will be launching a new residency at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel under AMG’s auspices, starting New Year’s Day. Tiësto’s 11 appearances scheduled for 2011 are listed along with the announcement on Tiesto.com.

Moffitt and Tiësto (born Tijs Verwest) go back to the early 2000s when they teamed up to put on the Tiësto in Concert tour. They reprised the relationship later in the decade when Moffitt was operating Vegas’ now-shuttered Ice nightclub.

So when Tiësto was mulling a Las Vegas residency, and knew where he wanted to play, he turned to Moffitt to help him get it done.

“I became aware of him wanting to come here when his management told me that they were coming here to view several properties. We didn’t have, at that particular time, anywhere to facilitate him. He toured every hotel, I believe, every venue,” Moffitt says.

“His management informed me that he wanted to do The Joint. He didn’t want to just be a DJ anymore, which he’s not. He was selling huge arena shows. He wanted to take it to the next level. He didn’t just want to be another DJ at another nightclub. He wanted to create a true concert experience similar to what he does at Ibiza [Spain]. He felt that The Joint was the only place for him, and he asked at that point if we would get involved.”

Tiësto is one of about half a dozen DJs who can guarantee a return on investment for a venue that specializes in house music, Moffitt says. The long-gone days of C2K and Ra spinning house, he adds, are prima facie evidence that house music alone cannot be counted on to keep the bread coming in. That there are safe and stable fiduciary considerations to go with the artistic boon also happens to be a tidy bonus.

“Really, it was something that was more of a gift from him,” Moffitt says.

Not a bad gift, considering the last Christmas present you got from a buddy involved the words “slap” and “chop.”

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