Still Lost, Not a Boy

His film and TV roles are so different—fright (Gremlins), comedy (National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1), reality (The Two Coreys), adventure (The Goonies), children’s (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), drama (Stand By Me)—that it often gets overlooked: Corey Feldman is a bona fide action-horror star.

Look no further for evidence than Feldman’s ongoing role as vampire hunter Edgar Frog in the Lost Boys franchise, which will soon unveil a third installment, The Thirst. The first film always enjoyed a cult following, but now, 25 years later, with the vampire craze reaching fever pitch, the Frog brothers saga endures. Feldman admits he never could’ve predicted it.

“Working on the original film, we knew it was going to be something special and successful,” he says during a recent phone interview. “[Producer] Richard Donner was a dominant leading force in the industry, and [director] Joel Schumacher was hot off the success of St. Elmo’s Fire and had his finger on pop culture’s pulse. But to think we’d still be making Lost Boys? No way.”

One reason why The Thirst and the previous installment, 2008’s Lost Boys: The Tribe, work is because they don’t shy away from acknowledging the teen vampire fad. Even the first installment zeroed in on what was cool in the teen world, adding blood-sucking freaks to the adolescent terrain mined with surfers, motorcycles, comic books and gothic popsters Echo and the Bunnymen.

“Twilight romanticizes vampires to make them appealing to the mainstream, which is great,” Feldman says. “The more popular vampires are, the more demand there is for our film. Hard-core fans want to see a real vampire movie.”

To celebrate the imminent release of The Thirst, Feldman is sneak-previewing the film at the House of Blues on Oct. 23, and performing a one-hour set with his band, The Truth Movement. Don’t expect a simple rock show and flick for “Corey Feldman’s Lost Boys Ball.” Dude promises something “very theatrical, interactive,” as well as a costume contest and Corey Haim tribute.

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