World Hold On

DJ Bob Sinclar illuminates Haze

On Oct. 17, French DJ Bob Sinclar led a highly energized bash at Haze Nightclub. But before he rocked the confetti-strewn dance floor, Vegas Seven had a rare red-carpet moment with the international producer.

Your real name is Christophe Le Friant—why did you choose to use a different surname and what’s the significance of “Bob Sinclar”?

Christophe is a bit common. I took the name [Bob Sinclar] from a French movie, Le Magnifique, a kind of James Bond à la Française. First [the name] was just a joke. I just wanted to do one album—just disco—for fun, but my [first] album, Paradise, had a lot of success, so after the one album, I decided to keep that name.

You’ve recently worked with Jamaican artists Shaggy and Sean Paul. Are there any American artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Oh, there’s a lot. I’m a fan of Snoop, Kanye West, Prince, of course, but they are very big stars.

A good amount of your music is influenced by African and island beats, just the type of music a few of those artists create. How was that accepted in your native France when you first began?

In France we don’t have any black culture, just the classic French music, so it was hard to get inspired by something. So I started to buy a lot of records overseas—from your country, actually—a lot of soul, jazz, and I made my own culture.

Was it hard to break that barrier of being a French DJ playing more soulful music?

When nothing exists in front of you, it just means nobody has been successful as an artist [before you]. You can’t plan to be a DJ. I dreamed. … I was a fan of hip-hop, R&B, soul, jazz, and nobody wanted to hear that kind of music. So I said, “OK, I’m gonna make it in maybe London, or somewhere in the world.” I decided to create my own label and make my own beats. My music is very versatile. I try to do mash-ups between different styles: Caribbean, Jamaican, African—all types of music I can mix. I discovered [that] making your own music is easier to play around the world.

Now that your dream of being a DJ has come true, what’s the best part about it?

When I play my music in a club, I like to see the people dancing, singing. Clubbing is one of the last things in the world where you can be free. You enter into a club and you have fun; my job is to make people have fun. It’s an amazing job because I’m the instrument of the party, of the happiness. It’s beautiful.