Christmas in October

While Justin Timberlake had an all-star crew for his Shriners Hospital for Children benefit show Oct. 23 at Planet Hollywood, there’s just one man who can host the after-party at Pure and play Vodka Santa while doing it.

Diddy channeled his inner St. Drunkolas as he marched into the club, met up with his entourage at his table and then immediately handed a bottle of Ciroc to a fan in the crowd.

Apparently he keeps a “naughty, nice and bad boy for life” list.

It wasn’t the only bottle he’d pass out that night—and he poured out shots for the crowd, too. Responsibility is Job 1, though, as he also cautioned against drinking and driving. (Well, responsibility is more like Job 3, after “sell lots of Ciroc” and “occasionally make music.”)

In the club until 3 a.m., the only tune Diddy didn’t get down to was Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love.” A statement reportedly from Minaj was released ripping Diddy as her manager, though she has since claimed the news release was a fake and took to Twitter to deny that she was jumping ship to Benny Medina. Rumors of her firing Lady Gaga’s wigmaker have also gone unconfirmed.

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