Down to the Wire

It’s been a season of gaffes and gallantry, with Senate candidate Sharron Angle having to defend her anti-immigration ads and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid having to defend his manhood.

Election Day, Nov. 2, is almost upon us, however. Polls throughout the Valley will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and you can find your voting location at, or by calling 455-VOTE (8683). If you have questions on registration status or polling information, call now, says Larry Lomax, Clark County Registrar of Voters. “Don’t wait until Election Day to find out,” he says. “The phones will be ringing off the hook.”

Early voting ends Oct. 29. “Early turnout has been pretty good so far,” Lomax says. In a non-presidential election year, a typical showing is about 57 percent. This year, he’s projecting about 65 percent based on results so far.

With voters nationwide citing economic woes as their top concern, much attention has fallen on Nevada. Campaigning last week for Angle, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called Nevada the “epicenter” of the bipartisan debate on how to propel the economy. In town to support Reid, President Obama urged a crowd to vote that night at the nearby Boulevard mall.

No matter the outcome, at least you’ll no longer have to endure the barrage of political ads.

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