JB King

Afternoon Drive/Assistant Program Director/Music Director 98.5 KLUC/CBS Radio

What are you currently listening to?

I really enjoy music that is well-produced, hot, funky beats. Stuff like LMFAO, Timbaland, Gorillaz, even Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. All these albums are innovative and don’t really fall into the normal formula. Taking chances with new sounds, even if the tracks don’t make it onto the radio.

Do you have any recommendations?

Earlier this year I was introduced to a new artist who, I believe, will end up with a huge career. His name is Jordy Towers. Kind of sounds like a combo of Black Eyed Peas mixed with Jamiroquai and a little reggae flavor.

What do you listen to on the go?

When driving around the city, I really do enjoy listening to the radio, but on long trips, I can’t hit the highway without some classics: Van Halen, Police, Bob Marley, Steve Miller Band, Genesis, or I listen to mix-tape CDs from one of our local club DJs.

Do you listen to the music you play on the radio?

Actually, I do. Being the music director for 98.5 KLUC, I listen to the rhythmic/pop music we play every day; it’s part of my job. But I do like that mass-appeal sound. Most of the time the music is upbeat and fun. Most of the music that we consider classic now were huge radio songs in the past.