Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@jeanscheidnes No one said @GQmagazine was family friendly. What outrages me about this Glee flap is that GLEE SUCKS.

@kpedraja So HP’s new iPad competitor runs Windows and requires a stylus. They’re partying like it’s 2001.

@celeryinthecity Conflicted: I want to replace morning coffee with my spinach juice stuff..but I’m in love with Whole Foods coffee boy. Hmm.

@NotJayCutler My 1,000th tweet was about my balls. Right on.

@DanBlackDiamond Is it bad that I care more if the Las Vegas Loco’s win than UNLV?

@mtsearlyrisers I love a Floridian naked man streaking and claiming to have superpowers… Isn’t there something else he could do with said powers?

@janecmetcalf Settebello pizza. Is there anything better?

@lasvegasloopy Taco Bell’s new orange cream swirl freeze is yummylicious. If I didn’t have to be at work in less than 2 hours, I would totally spike it.

@pjpaschal I’m going to Vegas this weekend and rent is due on Monday… #yikes #BMF.

@rae_rae2004 Voice is still a lil sore from karaoking @cocolee117 songs w/ the UNLV Asian student organizations all nite long!

@sinai_selah heat What is this? Can’t a girl do her homework without someone screaming like a frat boy outside? This is Summerlin, not downtown. Gah.

@RobertJMontero Is it bad that I’m the Mayor of a liquor store? (@ Lee’s Discount Liquor)

@_emmychristmas Will Smith’s kids are slowly but surely taking over the world, one radical haircut at a time.

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