Who, Exactly, Are You?

Are you genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease? Are you part American Indian like grandma and grandpa always said? Is that kid really yours?

Those can be some uncomfortable questions. But if you want, or need, the answers, there’s a store in Henderson that’s ready to provide them.

The DNA Shop, 11251 S. Eastern Ave., opened in May. Co-owner Patricia Schoonmaker says it may be the first storefront business in the United States that provides genetic clues to where people came from, and how they may be going out. Similar services are available via the Internet, Schoonmaker notes, but they don’t have the personal touch of a live person telling you how DNA testing works. “We believe we bring more value,” she says. “You get more for the money.”

With a cheek swab and $499, the DNA Shop can test predisposition for medical problems. “It’s not a diagnosis, but it compares your risk level to the general population,” she says.

Ancestry tests can be general for $299, or much more specific for $399. You can also get your DNA sample made into a pendant for that personal touch.

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