Zipping Down Fremont

Greenheart, the company that brought zip lines to Boulder City now has “Frightlines” in Las Vegas, in time for Halloween.

A zip line is a steel cable that adventure-seekers use to cruise along while suspended in a safety harness. While the Fremont Street Experience’s newest attraction isn’t as frightening as its bigger, scarier sister in Boulder City—the lines under Viva Vision reach speeds up to 30 mph, Boulder City’s version cruises along at up to 50 mph—they’re also cheaper: Rides cost $15 or $20 (after 6 p.m.) on Fremont Street, but $149 in Bootleg Canyon.

The adventure starts near the Fremont Street parking garage, where riders strap in and glide along an 800-foot steel cable, and ends when they land on a 14-foot-high platform near the Fourth Street stage.

Greenheart opened the ride Oct. 17, after obtaining a temporary, 90-day permit from the city. The Canadian company, which bills itself as an eco-adventure firm, hopes to soon expand the attraction into a bigger, better and permanent operation.

Greenheart has zip lines and tree-top suspension bridges (“canopy trails”) in Guyana, Nigeria, Belize, Peru, Rwanda, Brazil and Haiti. In addition to Bootleg Canyon, it has operations at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park and plans to expand into Utah. Call 410-7999 for information.