Back for More

Heidi Montag didn’t have a Halloween costume when she hosted at Pure Oct. 30—she claimed she was dressed as Heidi Montag, which may win the contest as the greatest meta-commentary of the year. It’s OK, though, because on-again husband Spencer Pratt had plenty of costume for the both of them.

Pratt decked himself out in a green robe and alien mask for the occasion, like some kind of shameless, reality-TV-hogging ALF, but without the precise comedic timing.

After calling off their “divorce” at the end of last month, the couple kissed for the cameras. They’re like the Ali-Frazier of manufactured celebrity couples. Just when you think they’ve torn each other apart and have nothing left to give, they come back for another improbable rematch. Maybe next time someone will get punched in the face.