Claire Sinclair turns a ‘Paige’ at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris

With her love for all things vintage and her traditional hourglass figure, Miss October isn’t your average Playboy Playmate. Brunette pin-up model Claire Sinclair, 19, recently joined a list of high-profile guest stars at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris. But how did Sinclair’s weeklong stint (Oct. 21-28) measure up?

After the signature opening with British Royal Guards, Sinclair appeared solo in the second number—“Leçon de Séduction”—in a costume designed for her. The black camisole and rhinestone bra wasn’t as exciting as the designer-label decadence of former guest star Dita Von Teese.

Sinclair’s next act, “Upside Down,” was set to a sultry remix of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Unlike former guest star Carmen
Electra, Sinclair has no previous dance history. This translated into some awkward grinds, slides and rolls around a lip-shaped sofa. Although she didn’t move with the grace of the regular cast, Sinclair pulled off some memorable Bettie Paige poses.

All in all, Sinclair was an OK reason to see this beloved show again. But, really, you don’t need a reason. Lest we forget amid the excitement of celebrity, the regular cast of Crazy Horse is sexy, talented and entertaining enough on its own.