One on One With Mari Landers

The Saks general manager shares her vision on the Las Vegas store’s success

Which department is selling extremely well right now?

Our focus is on our exclusive merchandise. The Saks Fifth Avenue men’s collection offers everything from cashmeres to sports coats to dress shirts. It gives gentlemen quite a variety of choices. We have a lot of exclusives throughout the store. The collection itself is a combo of our buying team working with different manufacturers and designers. In the men’s area, they are always layering on new merchandise and it is based on seasonality. The collection is still a work in progress and is still in the growth stage.

Which department is your best-seller?

It is pretty balanced between men’s and women’s. And shoes are a big area that consumers love.

How do you characterize this era in Vegas retail?M

It seems like a very exciting time. I think the one exciting thing about retail in Las Vegas is that we are always changing. We are always becoming more and more exciting.

What are your priorities for 2011 as far as marketing and events?

We are very involved in the community and we support quite a few organizations and charities in the city, like the Philharmonic, Opportunity Village and the Nevada Cancer Institute. Our biggest event is always the Vegas Dozen [held each spring].