Super Changes to Suppertime

Most kids these days probably have no idea that food comes from the ground and not a drive-through window, a sad fact that has prompted some Las Vegans to promote nutritious eating for families via the nonprofit group Create a Change Now.

The group, made up of both chefs and nonchefs, wants to change the way families view the dinner table by teaching kids to make better food choices. They start with basic information on nutrition, then seal the deal with a few culinary tips from the professionals. Create a Change also works with local schools, planting edible gardens to demonstrate that food does, indeed, come right out of the dirt.

Demonstrating that fact to kids, then teaching them that preparing it is actually a good time and that “good for you” doesn’t equal “tastes bad,” creates healthier eaters.

You can help Create a Change by taking part in its fundraiser Nov. 7 at Firefly Restaurant, 9560 W. Sahara Ave. Enjoy an open bar with cocktails, a silent auction and raffle from 5 to 8 p.m. Purchase tickets online for $60 at, or at the door for $65.

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