Triumphal Return

So You Think You Can Dance comes back to Vegas with a show-stopping tour

If you are familiar with the term “pirouette” or the button-nosed dancer Lauren Froderman, take note: The hit reality show So You Think You Can Dance is bringing its live tour to Las Vegas.

“We’ve got six or seven new dances for the tour,” says Adéchiké Torbert, who was a Top 4 finalist in Season 7.
“I think it gives the fans a bit more to look forward to because some things have been given a twist.”

That twist includes new group routines and surprise partnering, but also something familiar. Season 7 winner Froderman, along with 12 dancers from the TV show, will perform at the same place where the show taped its version of Hell Week, “Vegas Week.”

“There are going to be memories we will have to live out all over again,” says Robert Roldan, a Top 3 finalist in Season 7. “I might scream about getting a camera out of my face, just for old time’s sake.”

You can find your favorite numbers on the tour, including “Collide,” where two young lovers part after prom; “Mad World” about a homeless man and a businessman recognizing one another; and “Fix You,” which follows a son helping his mother through cancer.

“I think we all lived in a bubble on the show,” Roldan says. “We didn’t fully understand how many people supported this show and dance in general until we went out on tour and heard over a thousand fans screaming. It’s absolutely surreal.”