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@billyinlasvegas Help I’m surrounded by executives!

@lakeeriemonster I want it to be Halloween again because I thought of a seriously awesome costume, and I will forget it by next year.

@chetbuchanan I truly enjoyed eating @meginmotion’s muffin this morning. Just what I needed. Thanks!

@jimmyfallon After the election is over, please keep the puppy vote going. The cutest thing on TV!!!I heart the puppies!!!

@bfosterlv Yup, everyone officially sucks. 

@jackcolton I’ve just decided “Teach me how to Dugie” is the new “Macarena,” and Justin Bieber is the new Ricky Martin. Both will end the same way.

@A2D2 Just bought Fallout: New Vegas. Must. Not. Call. In. Sick. Tomorrow.

@_hiiRaven I’m ready for UNLV basketball! Football season is depressing! LOL.

@DavidKrauseA5 Not sure what is worse; Watching parents of 4 yr (old) act like fools at soccer, or going to Wholefoods at 3pm on a Saturday?

@KellsBells1 Only one day past Halloween and Christmas decorations are already up at the mall.They don’t mess around.

@FandPinLV Holy crap. We just scored. #UNLV

@RichardAbowitz In the Middle East “the situation” refers to decades of conflict and misery. In the USA, “The Situation” means a guy with abs and a tan.

@irapedhim I’m not a hoe, I’m just a hoe lotta fun.

@Slashleen Note: Fat girls don’t really like it when you go up to them at the gym and tell them they’re fired.

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