Use Your Illusion

Airbrush makeup can give you flawless skin without the aid of Photoshop

One of the biggest challenges in cosmetics is finding the right foundation. With so many products available, it’s hard to know what works best with each skin type. Whether you are oily, dry or combination, it is important to find a formula that gives the desired coverage and leaves skin flawless throughout the day.

Three years ago I was introduced to airbrush makeup. I was a skeptic at first, I admit. Out of pure curiosity I decided to take a few classes to see what all the fuss was about. Today, it is the only product in my kit.

Did you ever wonder how Hollywood’s starlets always look so naturally beautiful? One of their secrets is airbrush makeup. Only a few brands offered product in the beginning, but now many cosmetic companies are developing their own lines. With such a surge of availability, it is now the No. 1 request for professional makeup artists. And you can now bring it home, thanks to brands such as Kett and Temptu.

Airbrush makeup is a lightweight, highly formulated foundation that is run through an airbrush and air compressor. It is then sprayed directly onto the skin. After learning the proper application technique, it will leave the skin with a flawless, long-lasting coverage. Many liquid foundations have a tendency to get cakey after a few hours, but airbrush makeup will look as good as it did when you first put it on. It provides sheer to maximum coverage without feeling like you have tons of makeup on. There are two different formulas, a water-based, oil-free foundation and a waterproof version. For daily use I suggest the water-based. The best part is that the formula does not leave a filmy residue.

Where can you get your hands on this amazing product? For those of you who consider yourselves makeup connoisseurs, you can order the airbrush systems and product online (I recommend and or visit your local Sephora store to check out the consumer-friendly Temptu system.