Salmon at Off the Strip

At this popular neighborhood restaurant, the chef delicately seasons fresh salmon, grills it and finishes it in the oven with rosemary-pimento butter. The dish is served with a choice of rice or pasta, and zucchinis or potato pie. $23, 10670 Southern Highlands Parkway, 202-2448; 9837 W. Tropicana Ave., 876-3080.

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Our New Frontier

By James P. Reza

It’s easy to overindulge on East Fremont Street. Despite a naysayers’ reputation that the area is more talk and less reality, the nascent Fremont East entertainment district—the three blocks between Las Vegas Boulevard and Eighth Street—has evolved into a small but effective collection of unique bars and the closest thing Las Vegas has to a proper pub crawl. In fact, forget pub crawl; with art, poetry, live music, food and independent shops, Fremont East is becoming a bona fide culture crawl.