Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@mtsearlyrisers The McRib is the Susan Lucci of the sandwich. world, always there but never truly appreciated. Gloria Allred should rep it. Discrimination!

@righellis My hair’s a mess, left my UNLV hat at my cousin’s house, and I still can’t bring myself to buy a UNR hat. Loyalty > Vanity.

@ItsRonBurgundy Sometimes I riverdance in the shower.

@NerdJuice Someone needs to create a robot that keeps me entertained when I’m bored! O, wait … it’s my iPhone!

@e_to_the_m I’m eating breakfast in Paris. I’ll have dinner in Italy and then see a show in New York. I love #Vegas.

@StephanBonnar “All you need is love… love is all you need.” … especially after a savage beating.

@TBMgolf You can beat 50% of the people by working harder, 40% by honesty/integrity, leaving 10% to compete with! #truth.

@TClarkeWasHere I hate how hard it is to find a job. And why is it that people who are in charge of hiring people have Mondays off here in Las Vegas?

@MrsRupertPupkin Ugh, apparently guys are still doing that whole “wait 3 months to call” thing.

@jackfication Crocs are like fanny packs for your feet … you can tell you’ve lost your man card!

@WelchysGripe Until it provides some sort of sexual gratification and/or chocolate, the “Perfect Pushup” is a lie.

@Dsaulss Shout out UNLV football!!! Y’all always win me $$.

@Kendragarden I think I’m finally mature enough to pitch my idea for a pop-up scratch n’ sniff anatomy book without giggling. Anyone interested?