Welcome to the Neighborhood, eh

Sharron Angle may have thought our northern border is where all the terrorists come from, but she apparently missed the larger story: It’s the Canadians themselves who are invading!

An Oct. 30 article published in the Calgary Herald notes that our northern friends are snapping up houses in Las Vegas. “Canadians, particularly those from Calgary and other western Canadian cities, are climbing off flights almost daily to investigate the real estate opportunities available,” Lydia Clarke of Canadian agency Investment Properties International says in the piece.

Apparently, they’re finding that the entire country is for sale, real estate- wise. The economy never tanked as badly up there as it did here, so more than a few denizens of the snowy North are buying investment property in the United States. “Many buyers from around the world are saying that the United States is on sale—and we agree that there has never been a better time to acquire property,” Clarke says in the article. “Canadian buyers are looking for both investment properties that provide cash flow and second homes for their own use.”

There are a lot of houses to be had here in the $135,000 range, the article notes, and investors can buy “a fantastic luxury property” for $200,000. Or at least more luxurious that you can get in Calgary for your Canadian dollars.

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