A one-month checkup on JabbaWockeeZ’s new show at the Monte Carlo

The JabbaWockeeZ are currently storming the stage with their hip-hop show, MÜS.I.C. (pronounced Muse I See). After a successful run at the MGM Grand earlier this year, the high-energy dance crew—who got their break by winning Season 1 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008—moved into a new home at the Monte Carlo on Oct. 7, taking over for Lance Burton.

A month into their six-month-minimum run, how are the white-masked dancers doing? According to the enthusiastic crowd, they are killing it. Hip-hop fans were dancing in their seats, clapping along with the music and hyped on every move the JabbaWockeeZ made.

A choreographed fight between the JabbaWockeeZ and neon-colored ninjas is incredible. It features a darkened stage with flickering lights and bright wardrobes. Part Hong Kong action movie, part modern dance, this was one of the most creative pieces in the show.

While hip-hop dominates, the soundtrack includes other genres as well. An early highlight features the crew dancing to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as their “masks” sing along (as in the original music video) on the screens behind them.

Some numbers still have room for improvement, however. The Vegas segment—which features dancers dressed as Elvis, Carrot Top and a showgirl—was hokey and uninspired. Also, the JabbaWockeeZ’s version of “Singin’ in the Rain” didn’t take full advantage of the chance to mash-up hip-hop with iconic tap dance.

Perhaps indicative of the new generation to which JabbaWockeeZ appeals, the main set is a larger-than-life boom box. The size and height of this “radio” give the guys several levels to play with. Computer-generated images play on large screens that are built into the set.

MÜS.I.C. assaults the senses in the most positive ways. Audience members will feel like they are not only watching a show, but at times, that they are part of it as well. It’s the best hip-hop dance party this city has to offer.