Picking Up Norwegians

Did you now that that there are 30,000 Norwegian-Americans living in Las Vegas? The producers of a new TV reality show must have since they were in the Valley on Nov. 12-13 searching for locals with Norwegian heritage. The yet-to-be named show would follow couples as they date in the United States and Norway.

While Vegas doesn’t have the deep Scandinavian roots of cities such as Minneapolis or Fargo, N.D., the producers recognized that Las Vegas is probably a better setting. Their visit in the Valley was well-timed, coinciding with the recent Sons of Norway Vegas Viking holiday bazaar. The Vegas Viking lodge of the Sons of Norway is a fraternal cultural society dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage and creating strong bonds with modern Norway. The bazaar is just one of many events that the group holds each year to celebrate their traditions with authentic food, games, music and crafts.

And who wouldn’t want to date a Norwegian? The country was recently rated No. 1 in quality of life for the eighth straight year by the United Nations—Norwegians live an average of 81 years—and the per capita average income is $58,000. Plus the website BeautifulPeople.com rated Norwegian women as the most beautiful in the world in 2009. If you want to join the local lodge of the Sons of Norway, go to VegasViking.com.