Whoopi Celebrates Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg needed a break from swearing at White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi, storming off her own set because of Bill O’Reilly, and defending Michael Vick for dog fighting and Roman Polanski for only engaging in statutory rape and not “rape-rape.”

That’s the kind of calendar that can keep you occupied. So she came out to Tao to celebrate her 55th birthday Nov. 13. It was also her granddaughter Amarah’s 21st birthday. Now she can legally go to bars where she’ll have to explain to people, “No, my grandma didn’t really mean it was OK for that quarterback to breed fighting dogs. It was just out of context. Look, you’d be flustered if you had to talk to Sherri Shepherd all day, too.”

The family, including Whoopi’s daughter, Alexandrea, had the private dining room for dinner, where their “Happy Birthday” sing-along dovetailed into “In Da Club”—presumably the version with an extra verse that goes, “We gonna party like you’re an auteur director fleeing the country when facing conviction for a horrific crime. Go shorty.”