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( Recently I gave in to one of the more persistent devils of my nature—the eternal nerd—and I began feeding it comic books. This means biweekly visits to the comic book store. I pop in, get my funnybooks, talk gossip, and leave … which is why I’ve never seen the real, scary hard-core nerds, like the ones who populate Our Valued Customers. In this hilariously funny blog, an anonymous comic book store employee and cartoonist calling himself MRTIM provides a visual record of the “creeps, crazies, jerks and fighters” who visit his place of business and manage to distinguish themselves. My three current favorites: the sensitive sort who admired a plastic Thor hammer and wished it were real so he could “take it to work and lay waste to everyone in the whole hospital”; the patriot who declared, “Fuck Superman. I’m so sick of everyone kissing his ass”; and the “man of discriminating taste” who demanded to be taken to the shop’s “horror nightmare fairy-tale erotica section.” Comics! Your best entertainment value!


( Mistake Reports neatly illustrates Mel Brooks’ take on the difference between comedy and tragedy: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” Every day, people list their mistakes on this site using a form that allows you to put your blunder in context: You’re asked to explain your mistake, to classify it (personal, professional or existential), to summarize any advice you might have picked up in the process, and to make a final assessment of your error. (“I regret this mistake”; “I enjoyed this mistake”; “I will probably repeat it.”) The daily haul is a litany of woe and despair—bad first dates, poor planning, nonlethal injuries—and it will lull you into a false sense of superiority that begs to be punctured by a lapse of coordination or judgment.


( The kids are doing this thing. They’re going into used record stores, buying LPs and taking pictures of themselves with the album sleeves held in front of their faces in such a way as to achieve a kind of reverse trompe l’loeil. (Put another way: “Dude, check it, I’m Carly Simon!”) Admittedly, the Sleeveface phenomenon has been happening for a while now—long enough for someone to compile an entire book of Sleeveface photos—but there’s still some treasure to be mined at this funny blog. There’s even some Al B. Sure!