Superheroes on Ice Skates

The last time there were superheroes on skates we got George Clooney’s Batman fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin. Hopefully this won’t turn out that terrible.

The defending NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks came to Lavo for their team outing Nov. 21, and in the fine tradition of every sports team everywhere, put the squad’s newcomers through the paces. Members of the team had to don costumes normally worn by staff at Lavo—including a Superman, an Iron Man and a Tony Montana from Scarface. The unidentified Blackhawk who went into the Iron Man armor loved his get-up so much he kept it on all night. You know what that means: Mickey Rourke will be suiting up for the Red Wings any day now.

It wasn’t all public humiliation and/or comic book fantasies for the team, though. Lavo delivered a six-liter bottle of Dom Pérignon. Usually they don’t get that much bubbly until they win in the playoffs.

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