Bandeja Paisa at Oiga, Mire, Vea

This is a Colombian restaurant whose name is an expression to get attention (loosely translated: “listen, look, see”). This dish is one of the eye-catchers here: a grilled steak topped with a fried egg, rice and red beans, chicarron (pork rind), chorizo and fried ripe plantain. And it’s big enough for two. $14.50, 2580 S. Decatur Blvd., 221-4359.

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Eric Klein

Eric Klein

By Marvin Lucas

Eric Klein has cooked Thanksgiving meals for thousands of people, but has never celebrated the holiday himself. “To be honest with you, during the 15 or 16 years I’ve been in America, I haven’t had the time off yet to do the Thanksgiving,” Spago’s executive chef says. “My wife gets the end of the stick. I told her already, this year on Thanksgiving, we won’t do Thanksgiving on Thursday—it’d not be fair. We’ll do Thanksgiving on Sunday.”