Country Singer Josh Gracin

A mere seven years ago, country singer and father of four Josh Gracin, 30, placed fourth in American Idol. And he has been fighting his good fortune ever since. “I face quite a bit of negativity,” he says of the way he is viewed by the “tightknit group” in Nashville. “The only way to separate myself from the idea that I got lucky was to write and produce my album.”

He’s doing just that with his aptly named third album, Redemption, which will be released in 2011 on the label Average Joes Entertainment.

Gracin is coming to Las Vegas to perform an acoustic set at The Pub at Monte Carlo (11 p.m. Dec. 4, $20, 730-7777). Since he was in the neighborhood, the National Finals Rodeo asked him to sing the national anthem the same day—an honor he was happy to accept.

While Gracin seems to have earned his place in the country music clique, he’d still like another chance to prove himself. “I’d definitely be on American Idol again,” he says. “I watched the old shows; I didn’t sing as well then as I do now. Now, being six years on the road, going everywhere, touring everywhere, I’d show them what I’ve been up to and am capable of doing.”

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