Going Native

The spiciest Spice of them all, Victoria Beckham, took her English kids and her English parents to see a show about English musicians. Wait, isn’t this supposed to be an American holiday? We need to start planning now to send Paris Hilton over to London to make a big deal over Guy Fawkes Day next year. Assuming she’s allowed to leave the country by then.

Beckham and kids Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, plus her parents, Jacqueline and Anthony Adams, had lunch at Sushi Roku on Nov. 26 before going to check out The Beatles Love at The Mirage. The kids wanted snacks, but Beckham held the line at Diet Coke, telling them they’d spoil their dinner. Admit it, that’s way more matronly than you ever thought Posh Spice would be, isn’t it?

The crew turned up again on Nov. 27 at Serendipity 3, where the boys could get up to some right and proper junk fooding, going through macaroni and cheese, a foot-long hot dog, nachos, frozen hot chocolate and sundaes. Aw, they’re learning to be American after all.