From the Streets to the Small Screen

Hookers for Jesus founder stars in new reality TV series Annie Lobért used to sell her body on the streets of Las Vegas; now she pounds the pavement trying to save souls.

Since 2005, the former call girl has made it her mission to rescue women from the violence and exploitation of the sex industry. It was then that she founded her faith-based organization, Hookers for Jesus. Now, Lobért and her ministry are the focus of Hookers: Saved on the Strip, a three-part series premiering Dec. 8 on Investigation Discovery.

The series also chronicles three women living at the Destiny House, a transitional home established by Lobért and Church at South Las Vegas pastor Benny Perez that helps former prostitutes turn their lives around. Lobért, who looks much younger than her 43 years despite suffering a near-fatal drug overdose and violence at the hands of pimps and clients while working as a prostitute for more than 10 years, takes a nonjudgmental approach as she patrols the city in search of women seeking an escape from the sex trade.

The cameras follow Lobért, who often wears a T-shirt bearing the Hookers for Jesus logo—an Ichthus, or “Jesus fish,” facing a hook extending down from “H” in “Hookers”—as she visits casinos, clubs and strip clubs around Las Vegas with her followers handing out Bibles. Her relationship with husband Oz Fox, lead guitarist of the Christian metal band Stryper is also explored in the series, as the couple navigates career and life decisions, such as starting a family.

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