Welcome, Lady Silvia

Following the scheduled Dec. 15-opening of Resnicks urban grocery at Soho Lofts (900 Las Vegas Blvd. South), Sam Cherry Development will open the Lady Silvia bar and lounge a few doors down in mid-January. The 2,900-square-foot space is modeled, says developer Sam Cherry, after an “Old World library.”

Named for Silvia Rittoff—mother to Cherry’s mentor, businessman Harris Rittoff—who ran a gambling hall behind a sandwich shop in the ’40s, the Lady Silvia won’t stray far from its inspiration: The entry hallway leads guests to the lounge and its five gaming machines, located behind a 50-seat restaurant to open later.

Darkly stained custom casework will line the lounge’s walls, which will be stocked with books for reading or admiring. Beneath softly lit chandeliers, seating will dot the smoke-free room, while bar stools belly-up to the drinks rail and bar serving classic cocktails. To start, the bar will be open 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily, with hopes of a 24-hour future.

A duo of televisions will show necessary events, but will otherwise complement the DJ or ambient music selection. Following the Soho Lofts’ lead, Lady Silvia will showcase local art and hopefully enjoy First Friday traffic.

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