Why not make live entertainment a part of everyone’s life?

Does nightlife happen way past your bedtime? Do you read the A&E section of this magazine as a form of vicarious living? Rise up, midlife suburbanites, it’s your Vegas, too! We’ve got families, and we can’t be out all hours of the night roaming the mean streets of downtown. So let’s bring downtown to us: Suburban dinner theater! Vaudeville in Summerlin! Live music at 5:30 p.m. over pasta in Henderson! That’s right, Las Vegas, we refuse to put the remainder of our entertainment lives in the hands of Cox Cable. We want big-city nightlife, too, just not in the big city. And not at night.

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Why not diversify  our schools?

Why Not?

Why not diversify our schools?

By Bob Whitby

The Clark County School District is enormous: 309,000 students as of the 2009-2010 school year, making it the fifth largest in the country; 8,000 square miles of territory, places as far flung as Mesquite and Laughlin; a budget of nearly $2 billion. So in this era of antipathy toward big government, it’s only natural to wonder whether we should break up the district into much smaller parts.