Why not move the Fremont Street Experience to a remote location in the desert where it can fulfill its destiny as modern concept art?

The old canopy idea is played out, and its removal would instantly restore one of the world’s great streetscapes by remarrying two timeless Vegas assets that are meant to be together: neon and the night. Meanwhile, the canopy would have a much more powerful impact away from the competition of Fremont’s iconic signs. If not the desert, how about the Arts District? Oh, right, they’ve got paintbrushes.

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Why not diversify  our schools?

Why Not?

Why not diversify our schools?

By Bob Whitby

The Clark County School District is enormous: 309,000 students as of the 2009-2010 school year, making it the fifth largest in the country; 8,000 square miles of territory, places as far flung as Mesquite and Laughlin; a budget of nearly $2 billion. So in this era of antipathy toward big government, it’s only natural to wonder whether we should break up the district into much smaller parts.