Why Not?

21 arguably plausible, definitely outrageous ideas for our city, from downtown to the mountains

WE GET IT. We understand that for every high-spirited “Why not?” there is a swift and cruel answer these days: “Because we don’t have the money, that’s why not.” But that’s a conversation killer. And we’re not going to get much of anywhere by killing the conversation. How can we ever talk about plausible dreams for our city when it turns out that all dreams are implausible? Isn’t it worth it, just for a moment, to clear the cluttered actuarial tables and make room for a few wildly diverse proposals, ideas that at first glance seem far-fetched, but at second thought leave you wondering, “Why not?” Let’s set some thoughts loose to contend with one another, to compete and collide and start productive, creative arguments. We’ll start the conversation:

  1. Why not turn Springs Preserve into our Central Park?
  2. Why not put a civic light fountain in Symphony Park?
    • Start with towering rocks. Surround them with desert plants. Then project constantly changing streams of light onto the stones and into the sky. [close]
  3. Why not revive the lost art of theming on the Strip?
  4. Why not use empty shop fronts, vacated homes, and hollowed-out office space for neighborhood charter schools?
  5. Why not set aside the notion of luring a major league team and concentrate on proving that we can be a first-class home for the sports we already have?
  6. Why not think outside the box to generate state revenue?
  7. Why not move the Fremont Street Experience to a remote location in the desert where it can fulfill its destiny as modern concept art?
  8. Why not invent a leaf blower that’s silent, won’t guzzle gas and doesn’t stink?
    • Failing that, there’s always the broom. [close]
  9. Why not repurpose derelict properties?
  10. Why not stay dry?
  11. Why not make live entertainment a part of everyone’s life?
  12. Why not create mixed-use parks?
    • Let’s stir things up a little in our next generation of recreational and open spaces, combining commercial space, eateries, living space, greenbelts and ballfields. [close]
  13. Why not diversify our schools?
  14. Why not help Vegas PBS become a production powerhouse?
  15. Why not bring back live music for all Strip shows?
  16. Why not ban those air-polluting, fuel-wasting mobile billboards?
    • Let’s agree that driving is for actually going someplace. [close]
  17. Why not create a public vocational college?
  18. Why not make Las Vegas the Gay Wedding Capital of the World?
    • After all, what’s economic diversification without a little diversity? [close]
  19. Why not revive the ring around the Valley?
  20. Why not get our very own USC … well, OK, maybe just our own Loyola Marymount?
  21. Why not re-seed the Strip with neon?