On the Attack

From his days of throwing parties at the dive bar Chubby’s and his blow-the-roof-off Atomic Saturdays at Red Room to his most recent residencies Shake ’n’ Pop and Snitch, DJ M!ke Attack (or to his many close friends Mike Mohammednur) is Vegas’ own Pied Piper of the local DJ scene and has proven that where he leads, they will follow.

When did the obsession begin?

The first time I ever got on decks was in seventh grade. We’d go to our buddy’s house and he would let us play. We’d record our own mixed tapes and that’s how I knew I definitely wanted to be a DJ. 2003 came around I bought my first turntables from a pawnshop.

You have one of the most recognizable names, faces and ’fros in Las Vegas, especially downtown. How did your career kick off?

One night, Sebastian [Lemuel Roque Granada, a.k.a. DJ Aurajin] sat down with me and was like, “How do you feel about covering a gig for me?” It was like my fuckin’ big day! And he was all, “Come to my house, grab my vinyl and go rock this party.” After that night, the [Beauty Bar] general manager offered my buddy Chris Curry and I a residency. We were the first DJs to ever bring in the new style, which was indie rock and electro remixes.

Shake ’n’ Pop Fridays at the Artisan has become a staple hipster hangout rivaling even the Get Back at Beauty Bar. Where did that party get its start?

It started at Brass Lounge—400 to 600 people every Friday, and the only party to go against the Get Back. Ever. [My party] did and succeeded. It was nothing that place has ever experienced; First Fridays were insane. The line trickled to Las Vegas Boulevard. I never had physical fliers, it was just word of mouth.

Might Shake ’n’ Pop be credited with helping to revitalize the Artisan since it moved there in April?

Yeah! Back in the day we’d sneak in and get kicked out because people would tip over planters and statues. Artisan was the shit back in the day and still is! It’s cool because it’s a big mix: business people smoking cigars and drinkin’ fancy wine, and hipsters around the corner raging. It caters to so many different people.

Among scenesters, you are regarded as the Pied Piper of DJs—the party follows you. How do you maintain your massive following?

I’ve been blessed with amazing followers and friends that have been there since Day One. I’ve seen faces come and go, and lots of new faces. It’s cool. … It’s like a fresh breath of life. I take care of all my friends. … I’m always gonna be there to pay back that favor, make sure your night is taken care of and give you some of the best music you’ll hear in Vegas.

Most recently, you’ve led your followers to the 55th floor of the Palms for your latest residency at Ghostbar’s Snitch Wednesdays. Where do you see that going?

Snitch is making an impact. We’re doing it on an upscale level, which is something I want to get my people involved with. You don’t have to party at shitholes to have a good time. It could be throwing the biggest hipster party in mega-clubs. That’s something right now the Palms definitely recognizes. I’ve always looked at the Palms as a portal to everything.

Any sage words to live by?

Just to be very humble, and give everyone the opportunity that I was given. And that there’s always people out to get you; it’s good to have two sets of eyes, two hearts. I’m lookin’ at the big picture at the end of the day.